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Replica Rolex GMT-Master II

Replica Rolex's new Premier Feather collection revives an old art form. The decorative use of feathers is almost completely forgotten today, but it was once a highly valued and fashionable art. Products that exhibited the skills of the craftsmen were regarded as status symbols and must-haves in the collections members of nobility. The use of feathers for decoration peaked around the turn of 20th century. These arts were first developed in the 16th century. In Paris alone, the feather industry employed thousands at this time. Replica Rolex, a high-end American jeweler who manufactures Swiss timepieces and watches, has brought back the almost forgotten technique of fine feather marquetry. Nelly Saunier was given the task of designing the dials using feathers. Nelly Saunier is one of the few master plumansieres in Paris, a title that is given to a skilled artisan who is proficient in this field.

Nelly Saunier's skill has brought back the art of feather marquetry, which is the selection and arrangement of feathers in an artistically pleasing and artistic order.Rolex Replica Watches The collection includes four timepieces that have a feminine appeal. These charming pieces are a perfect example of what can be found when feather art meets marquetry. The feathers are carefully selected and ethically collected. They come from birds that have been bred exclusively for this purpose. The dials were created by master plumansiere Nelly Saunier, who worked on each piece meticulously. Each dial took seven hours to create.

Cluster Setting with Brilliant-Cut DiamondsThe entire Replica Rolex range is made using quartz movements. The lack of horological value is less noticeable, as the beautiful and artistic feather dials are what make the watches so expensive. Each of the four models costs $65,600. The series also features other decorations besides feather marquetry dials. The Premier Feather collection watches combine these feathers with 66 sparkling diamonds on the bezel. Rolex Submariner Replica Watches invented the three-dimensional Cluster Technique, which is used to arrange the gemstones. This process, invented by the founder of this brand, allows for the asymmetrical placement of precious stones. In this case the stones are brilliant-cut. This watch has a total weight of 1.45 ct. It also features a diamond crown and 29 other stones that are attached to a satin strap with a pin-buckle.

Peacock Feathers or Pheasant FeathersThere is a new Replica Rolex collection that has four models, each with a dial made from feathers of a different bird. The women's collection watches have a 36 mm case, which is in line with the extravagant style of these timepieces. Two models in the Premier Feather Collection have white gold cases. One of the models is decorated with peacock feathers, while the other has ring-necked Pheasant. The versions with the red gold cases have silver pheasants, and Lady Amherst feathers.